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Glossary of terms:

Vmp – Volts maximum power – The modules optimum output voltage where maximum power can be transmitted to the load.

Imp – Current (I) maximum power – The modules optimum output current where maximum power can be transmitted to the load.

Voc – Volts open circuit – The modules output voltage under a no-load condition.

Isc – Current (I) short-circuit – The modules output current into a short circuit.

MPP – Maximum Power Point –The voltage and current levels where the modules produce the most power

Rated Power = Imp X Vmp (expressed in Watts)




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A safe, clean, reliable source of energy, Sharp's NE-Q5E2U photovoltaic module is designed for large electrical power requirements. Based on the technology of crystal silicon solar cells developed over 35 years, this module has superb durability to withstand rigorous operating conditions and is suitable for grid connected systems.


Photovoltaic module with bypass diode minimizes the power drop caused by shade. Textured cell surface to reduce the reflection of sunlight and BSF (Back Surface Field) structure to improve cell efficiency by 14.6%. Using White tempered glass, EVA resin, and weatherproof film along with an aluminum frame for extended outdoor use. Output terminal with lead wire and waterproof connector.


Common applications for the Sharp NE-Q5E2U include residences, office buildings, solar power stations, solar villages, radio relay stations, beacons and traffic lights. As the world's leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, Sharp produces an extensive line of high power modules for every electrical power requirement.


Solar Module Pricing


Rated Power (Watts)

Rated Voltage (Vmp)

Rated Current (Imp)

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

Short Circuit Current (Isc)

Dimensions (inches)

Unit Weight (lbs)

Part Number







62” x 32.5” x 1.81"



Rated current and voltage at Maximum Power Point (MPP).














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